Ghost Ship , Screen print on paper, Limited edition of 10

Ghost Ship, Screen print on paper, Limited edition of 10

The ghost of Lady Lovibond, a schooner wrecked on the Goodwin Sands in 1748, reappears every fifty years. Bound for Oporto, Portugal, her captain brought his bride with him.  While the wedding party celebrated below deck, the jealous first mate, in a fit of rage, coshed the helmsman with a belaying pin, seized the wheel and steered the ship onto the Goodwin Sands, drowning everyone.  

In 1798 the phantom Lady Lovibond was reported by the Edenbridge, captained by James Westlake, and a fishing smack. Its1848 appearance convinced local seamen to send out lifeboats from Deal in hope of rescuing survivors. Captain Bull Prestwick sighted her in 1948, reporting that she looked real but gave off an eerie green glow. There was no reported 1998 sighting.

The Lady Lovibond shares the area with two other phantom vessels: liner SS Montrose and man-of-war Shrewsbury.